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Lawrence (Larry) Lee has been a life-long photographer.  His introduction to seeing the world through a lens occurred at age 12 when he purchased his first camera at a pawn shop.

He grew up in Mississippi, graduated from UC Berkeley and Harvard Business School, has resided in New York, Vermont, California, Oklahoma and France, traveled in all 50 states and more than two dozen other countries, all the while continuing the pursuit of photography.

In the last several years, he has logged over 20,000 road trip miles in search of a few moments when a photograph demands to be taken.  The quest goes on.

My current primary themes include rural and small town America as well as nature, wildlife and landscapes.  Whether portraying grandeur or glimpses of ordinary things, the intent is to elicit responses ranging from wistfulness to wonder to amusement.  Most photographs depict objects and places absent people, but still convey a sense of human presence or felt absence.

I am especially intrigued by nature’s inevitable encroachment and impact upon vestiges of human endeavors, for example, an old barn or house, or a seldom-used or abandoned roadway or railroad track.  In combination with the effects of transient weather and light, such man-made remnants can be transformed from undistinguished to intriguing artifacts.  Many of the photographs of this genre have been taken along America’s back roads and “Blue Highways”.  These still offer unique, although dwindling, opportunities to discover unintentional, momentary works of art or curiosities resulting from nature's and humans’ interactions with one another.